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About Dr. Sinek

Can you use your mind to reduce your suffering, rather than increase it? Or to increase meaning and depth in your life?  You can, but most people need a little help with this.  Sometimes a sympathetic family member or wise friend can help a great deal.  There are great books out there.  But there are times when a knowledgeable, compassionate professional is a better choice. Perhaps your internal life feels out of control, or you're feeling stuck, repeating ineffective patterns of relating to yourself and others.  I work with people to help them understand themselves and their situation, manage stress better, and make positive changes happen. 

I am a licensed clinical psychologist practicing therapy in Charlottesville, Virginia.  I work with adults 18+ experiencing a variety of problems including anxiety, depression, obsessive-compulsive disorders, trauma reactions, relationship issues, ADD/ADHD, and life transitions.

If you're thinking about pursuing therapy, or you are a health professional looking to refer a patient, thank you for visiting my website, and please read on.